Thinkorswim Cripples Feature to Conceal Fraud

While most trading platform programmers are busy building new features and adding more historical data for back-testing, Thinkorswim has been busy removing historical data from its ThinkBack feature, leaving many traders wondering why their strategy tests are suddenly coming up empty. 

The answer: TD AMERITRADE will even cripple its own bells and whistles in its efforts to conceal the crimes it committed against its customers back in 2008.

“It’s downright egregious”, said Eric Jacobs, who told us his accounts were churned and burned after TD AMERITRADE changed its margin requirements overnight. 

“What happened to me is probably just the tip of the iceberg”, said Jacobs, Lawyers“Because this brokerage is the KING OF CONCEALMENT, with an army of highly paid lawyers whose job is to make their illegal conduct and customer complaints disappear.”

“Even their Facebook page is monitored”, Jacobs added, “If you make a disparaging comment, or highlight a flaw in their software, or say anything that’s not along the lines of ‘I absolutely LOVE this company!‘, your account will be specially flagged so that no one else will see your comments except you, so you won’t even realize you’ve been ‘filtered’.”


Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as investment advice of any kind.  We are not licensed investment advisers.  We are retail customers like you who have been burned by this broker’s criminal conduct, and we want to help you avoid falling victim to similar unregulated corporate greed.  

3 Responses to Thinkorswim Cripples Feature to Conceal Fraud

  1. Ron Taylor says:


  2. Steve says:

    Just found out Ameritrade literally just made over $23,000 vanish from my account with no trades. I was building up cash for over a year, deposits totaling $47,400. They basically didnt place the money in my account or made the account realize $35,000 of false debits. Just started working with an accountant and authorities as of today. When i called them the person i talked to said his name was Matt Ryan and he was going out of town for the next 3 weeks.
    Any advice? This is pitiful

  3. TDA Victim says:

    You are right. They entirely disabled the tick by tick back tester in their platform so people with lawsuits against them could not rebuild their trades. They are committing margin and liquidation fraud, so they disabled it so users could not recreate their positions and calculate margins. This is the most crooked broker in the business.

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