Top Ten Reasons to Avoid TD Ameritrade and Thinkorswim

10. Their commissions are among the highest of all broker-dealers.

9. Their Customer Service people are rude, condescending and unhelpful.

8. Their trade desk personnel use arrogance to cover up their lack of knowledge.

7. They violate Federal Law and then “convince” FINRA not to report the crime.

6. They falsify reports, edit telephone calls and commit fraud in arbitration.

5. They change margin requirements overnight and then swoop in and liquidate
thousands of customer accounts that become suddenly under-margined. 

4. They gambled away a 59-year-old customer’s retirement funds in an effort
to protect their own bottom line, and then they sued the customer for not having
enough in his account to cover their trading losses. 

3. Their Asset Protection Guarantee is an empty promise.

2. Their corporate Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is not enforced.

  1. They cannot be entrusted with your funds.  

>> “Stay Away From TDA”

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